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Voiced By Tigura21
First Appearance

File 12: Rebirth (Raccanto)

Episode 1: The Mission To Recruit Princess Peach (Main Series)

Wario is a comedic, but important character in the Smash King universe. He is Bowser's best friend, and plays an important role in helping him on his adventures.


Smash King Raccanto: Edit

Due to not existing in the world of Melee, Wario did not appear at all in Raccanto, with the exception of a brief appearance in Rebirth. While Lizardon and Bowser are exploring the world of Brawl, Wario is heard laughing creepily as he stalks Samus. He attempts to catch the bounty hunter using the element of surprise, but fails, allowing Samus to get away. However, Wario merely jumps on a motorcycle, and rides after her, driving of the cliff behind Bowser. At the time, it appears that Wario is all but a stranger to most people, as not even Liz knew who he was when Bowser inquired about him.

Sometime after Rebirth, Wario properly met Bowser, and quickly became friends with him. This friendship would be one that Wario would cherish for the rest of his life in Brawl.

Smash King: Edit

The Mission to Recruit Princess Peach...? Edit

Wario makes his first appearance in the main series here, where he is shown attempting to sneak up on Samus in Green Hill Zone. Before Wario is able to get too close however, the unimpressed bounty hunter quietly puts on her Power Suit, and blasts the fat man to Onett.

Upon landing, a patiently waiting Bowser warns Wario about actually annoying Samus next time he sees her, while Wario complains about the Koopa King's disinterest for his wellbeing. The two friends then exchange their stories (Bowser with his fight against Peach, and Wario about his attempts to woo Samus), while occasionally jumping to avoid cars. The conversation ends when Bowser mentions Peach inviting him to Hyrule Castle for a meet-up. Before the Koopa King's departure, Wario quickly asks if Bowser needs him as a member of his team for the upcoming Smash Tourney. In response, Bowser reminds Wario that he won't get anywhere with more than one heavyweight on his team. Although Bowser tries to cover up his rudeness, Wario mutters "The big jerk..." before leaving.

Afterwards, Wario isn't seen again until the near-end of the episode, where he accidentally runs over a self-boasting and unaware Captain Falcon with his motorcycle. The heavy Italian plumber briefly apologizes, and drives away.


The Hunt for a Dragon Edit

Wario starts off the next episode by ringing the doorbell of Hotel Bowser to awaken a sleeping Bowser. After Bowser crankily lets Wario into Hotel Bowser, the fat man reveals that he found someone to be Bowser's teammate for the upcoming Smash Tourney, since Bowser himself hadn't found one of his own yet. Bowser was skeptical of this, remembering an early memory of Wario trying to show a third teammate at Battlefield. Wario's choice was Kirby at the time, who had copied, and begun impersonating Bowser. Wario is somehow unable to tell the differences between the two, annoying Bowser. This escalates to the point where Wario knocks both individuals off the stage with his Smash attack. Kirby makes it back, but Bowser barely misses the edge and falls to the ground, presumably losing one of his 10 life stock. Wario then grabs Kirby, realizing that only the hungry resident of Dream Land could possibly make it back on the stage perfectly. He then throws Kirby off the stage, and proceeds to get beaten up by an enraged Bowser.

Recalling the memory, Wario laughs heartily, saying that it was all in the past, and forgave his friend for that incident. Moving on, Wario promises Bowser that he would be interested in his latest pick. Eventually, Bowser reluctantly agrees to go with his fat friend, and goes to wash up. While he does this, Wario begins "glowing", and subsequently asks Bowser to use his bathroom, who refuses.

The two friends arrive at New Pork City where both Wario's character of choice is revealed to be Meta Knight, a small swordsman who appears to be nervous, clumsy and complaining. Although Bowser is unimpressed at first, he soon realizes Meta Knight's potential after discovering Meta Knight's split personality disorder (or as Wario smugly describes as being quite "two-faced"). Satisfied with Meta Knight's abilities, Bowser compliments Wario for his help, joking that he "doesn't have to kick his fat ass this time". Wario wonders why he would need to in the first place, as he had plenty of it with his "mistress friend" Lizardon, who had stayed overnight at Hotel Bowser. Annoyed, the Koopa King explains that since he and Liz had played Mario Kart for many late hours, Bowser let her sleep in his room while he got the couch. Wario sarcastically agrees.

Later in the episode, Wario and Bowser are briefly seen talking at Shadow Moses Island while Mario and Ike are being chased by two feral Yoshi's. It is unknown what they were discussing, or why they were at the island in the first place.


The Knight, The Nave, and The Squire Edit

Wario's prominence is slightly smaller in this episode, but he still remains a comedic character. He is first seen at Hotel Bowser, who reveals that he had been trying to tell a distracted Bowser that he is going to be late for the tourney (who was too busy playing video games with Lizardon to hear). Wario then starts to count down how many seconds he spent trying to do so, but is accidentally Bowser Bombed before he can finish, leaving him stuck in the ground for a few seconds. After digging himself out, a nearly unconscious Wario groans "It's about time you nerd..." before being flattened by Liz as well. He then presumably wakes up and heads over to the Brawl Spectator Society's headquarters.

During President Dedede's opening speech, Wario can be seen applauding and whooping in the audience as he observes the first battle of Brawl's Smash Tourney between Team Pikachu and Team Bowser.

After Meta Knight's victory against Toon Link on the S.S. Halberd, Wario appears inside President Dedede's quarters, having snuck in during the battle. When Bowser congratulates Meta Knight on his victory, Wario calls him out on it, claiming it was "big talk from a guy who initially turned him down based of split personality!" At this point, Dedede notices the obese Italian plumber, and immediately calls for security to remove him. Unconcerned about this, Wario reminds Dedede that he had all the food and girls he could have, convincing him to be reasonable. Realizing this, Dedede allows Wario to stay, under the excuse that he could afford to be generous once in a while. The two partners then helped themselves, much to the chagrin of Team Bowser.

Roundabout Thunder, Tempestuous Flame Edit

Continuing from the previous episode, Wario is still staying in Dedede's headquarters when Bowser is challenged by Pikachu to fight against him, and forfeiting the match to the electric mouse Pokemon if he won. Laughing, Wario boldly states that Bowser couldn't be stupid enough to accept such a challenge. However, the Koopa King surprises everyone and does accept, much to Wario's frustration.

After he witnessed Bowser's brutal knockout via Pikachu's Volt Tackle, Wario did not give up in defeat like the rest of Team Bowser, but rather started chanting the Koopa King's name over and over again. This encourages Meta Knight, and even Princess Peach to start chanting as well. Once they do start, Wario stops, saying that if Team Bowser is supporting their leader like he did to them, they'll stop sulking and fight back. He then watches Bowser get up and deliver a brutal smackdown to Pikachu, using his newly revealed Ascent Mode.

Wario: Portrait of a Smasher   Edit

    During the events of this episode, the excitable yellow plumber himself is the main character in which he tries to win Samus's heart via various plans.

The story starts with Wario narrating through his life, first saying that he was an average guy living an average life. The fat man then reveals for the first time in the series, that he dislikes fighting, saying that it was "too much work, too much sweat, and too much blood". All he needed was the girl of his dreams, Samus Aran. Wario then describes her physical traits that her golden hair, thoughtitude, and capital (Censored for her inappropriate parts) make her the perfect girl. Wario rants on about how other people have warned him about Samus, but states that he will never stop, despite failure upon failure, and announces that today will be the day he makes Samus all his. As Wario is doing this, he is yet again stalking Samus on Green Hill Zone. After he is finished saying all of this, Samus comes up behind him in her Power Suit, declaring that Wario is making it too easy, as he was talking out loud to himself. He is then blasted off the stage with a missle, while Samus continues on her way.

Wario then sends the viewers back to the scene of Bowser defeating Pikachu, and President Dedede anouncing the end of the match, with everyone cheering, while Peach merely looks impressed. Wario then goes on to say that Team Bowser went to defeat the rest of the teams lying in wait. But one by one they all fell to their knees to the overwhelming battle force. For the rest of the day, Team Bowser went on for the rest of the day undefeated...

Bowser then interrupts the narration, saying that they (Team Bowser) were over here, and asks who the obese motercyclist was talking to. It is then revealed that Wario, along with Team Bowser are in Hotel Bowser relaxing after a long day. Wario  then compliments his friend's team saying that they were all great. Bowser replied saying it was nothing. Peach on the other hand, thinks that Bowser may have gone too far just to teach the team how to cooperate, but they showed the other teams. Meta Knight in his nervous self, now joyful after this long day, thanks Wario for helping him join the team which Wario obliges. Wario then says that after a day like this, it calls for a celebration. Bowser, not in the mood for excitement, simply states that while it sounded fun, he and Liz had their own way of celebrating. Wario, interested says "Oh, do you now?" while Peach wonders out loud how Bowser manages to hide these types of things from her. Meta Knight, having switched personalities inquired about Liz being his "mistress." Bowser falsely confirmes this, causing everyone to say "Really?" at the same time, until Bowser says it was a joke,  making everyone say "Oh". Bowser then said that Liz had cleaned up his room and everything, trying to clear the situation. Wario, however starts to tell Bowser something, but before he can, Dedede, Fox, and Falco walk in, the 3 ready for the "house party" that the Koopa King was setting up. Bowser is at first confused, but then realizes that Wario invited them over, much to his anger. Terrified at what his friend would do to him now, Wario rushes off in order to pick up his "date".

After running past Team Sonic (who recently got signed up) Samus, lacking her power suit believes that she has gotten rid of Wario, who on que, shows up, Upon meeting, Wario flirts with her, which the bounty hunter ignores. She is annoyed how the lovestruck fat man is able to find her every time she gets away. Wario replies by asking her not to get mad, and that unworthy can be seen on her perfect face. He then mentions Bowser's party (which he decided to keep going after the Zero Suits and Metal Gears were invited), but is inturrupted by Samus, who says no, like all the other parties he went to where Wario asked Samus to be his date. She then acknoledges Wario"s "perfect face" compliment, and starts rambling on how she doesn't have many friends, due to her job, and how she likes compliments once in a while. Before she gets too carried away however, Samus tells Wario to go away, and lashes him with her paralyzer, zapping the crazy lover to the Bridge of Eldin, where he is confronted by Captain Falcon, who remembers Wario as the man who ran over him over during The Mission to Recuit Princess Peach...?. Wario takes no notice to the Captain however, and only scans his surrondings, much to Falcon's frustration. He then attempts to Falcon Punch Wario, but is blasted off the bridge after Wario blows, who excuses himself.

Wario then finds Samus again, the latter hoping to stay at Princess Zelda's place, which happens to be Hyrule Castle. Instead the bounty hunter merely gets a note saying that she had "gone out for the night" (later revealed to be the party Samus had attempted to avoid) much to Samus's anguish. While stalking her, Wario thinks out loud to himself quietly about Samus. She appears to be a complicated woman,always hunting, fighting, and alone most of the time.Wario then mentions that she must be played like a cold cut through a divison. Most other people like to hire her for reckless society. But Wario admitted that he wanted something different. He wanted to get to her, get her to like him. As Samus leaves Hyrule, the fat man following on his bike, Wario announces that he will be able to brag to everyone that he's dating the most beautiful maiden in Brawl!

Wario continues to drive behind Samus up to the point of the golden girl aggressively tells the crazy lover to leave her alone. Unexpectedly, Wario counters back, saying that he didn't want Samus after all, and offensively calls her a "little girl". Angered by the insult, Samus uses her Paralyzer to short circuit the motercycle temporarily, and asks the fat man if his eyesight is getting old. She assures Wario that she is "no little girl" and gives him a closer look at what she is made of. At first Wario confidently states that it won't work. But after several shots of the beautiful bounty hunter, Wario gets extremely worked up, and after one last stare at her bottom, Wario is is so nerved, that he blows yet again blasting him off to an unknown location.

After the events of what just occured, Wario makes his way back to Hotel Bowser, just after Zelda's poetic recital, and everyone wondering where he is. At this point, Wario is getting desperate for his date. He runs off yet again, dragging President Dedede along with him for his 3rd and final plan, much to everyone's annoyance.

At an unknown custom stage, Wario fills out the spoiled president the details of his latest idea via whispers. Soon after that, the woman in the suit herself appears where Dedede ambushes her and attempts to threaten her to come with him. However, Samus is oblivious to the threats and flirts with him instead, calling him a penguin. This confuses and flatters the President, who decides to flirt with her as well. Wario then shows up, and angrily asks Dedede what he is doing. Dedede replies by saying that he is simply respecting Samus's wishes, and encourages the lovestruck maniac to do the same. Wario simply replies that he is ruining the plan, which supposedly was for Dedede to attack her, and Wario would rescue her. This gets the two former allies into an arguement, eventually blossoming into a Brawl. Samus, Zelda, and Peach all watch the fight, interested (the 2 princesses joining to see what Wario was doing and calling Samus out on a bad royalty insult). The 2 heavyweights have no upper hand at first, but a few minutes into the fight, Dedede started to charge his Jet Hammer. Concerned for his love, Wario threw Samus out of the way, and took the attack, blasting Wario into the sky, Samus is shock at what just happened, and the 2 princesses agree. Dedede reflects on the battle, proudly declaring Wario a splendid rival while laughing with pleasure. He then declares that his "princess" was all his, much to Samus's confusion.

Just then, the fat guy came out of nowhere on his motorbike, revealing that he somehow survived the blow and was burning with Smash Power. He then informs the suprised President Dedede that he was still here, thanks to the power of love. Upon hearing this, all the girls are disgusted. Wario then rambles about how much love means to him, and eats the garlic infused with the power of the fat man's Final Smash: Wario Man. Dedede then counters by activaiting his Super Fired Up Ultra Jet Hammer 13. The 2 rivals roar their names, and clash their attacks, creating a tremendous earthquake so big, that everyone feels it. However, only Team Sonic and Meta Knight realize what it was as the people at the party thought it was a side affect of the drinks (and possible sexual intercourse) they were having, with the exeption of Samus, Peach, and Zelda.

After Bowser and Peach are seen admiring Meta Knight and Zelda pairing up with each other for a dance, it is revealed that Dedede and Wario were knocked unconsious by their consecutive attacks, and that the girls had to drag them back to Hotel Bowser. As the 2 rivals sleep on Bowser's floor, Samus quietly thanks Wario for saving her, before enjoying the party. As the episode draws to a close, Wario states that in the end, Samus did not end up being hers. But, determinded to win her heart, Wario says that he will keep trying until he succedes. Wario then reaffirms his name and position: an average guy living an average life.

The Forgotten Soul Edit

Wario makes a cameo appearance in this episode, where he wishes good luck to Team Bowser in New Pork City after seeing them off for the trio's second day in the tourney.

For the Love of Diddy Edit

Here, Wario goes to Daisy's caravan with Zelda, where he is seen complaining about how sore his butt is after a recent beating from Samus. In response, Zelda brings up that Samus has "quite the imagination for inflicting pain on others" and cautions Wario to be careful next time. Switching the topic, Wario comments that he didn't expect to see Zelda at the caravan. Zelda replies by saying that she likes to stop by to listen to Daisy's performances, and admits that she would hate to miss them. Wario agrees, musing that while the tourney would give him the the chance to win Samus Aran's heart, life to him would be boring if he could achieve his ultimate goal on a whim. Zelda laughs, and wishes that she could have a carefree life like Wario's. Upon saying this, Zelda receives a vision and gasps: falling to her knees. Wario, worried for his friend quickly asks her what's wrong, and is informed of what happened offscreen.

Not Enough Womyn Edit

Wario, along with Solid Snake and Lizardon, assists Zelda (disguised as Sheik) with breaking into Ganondorf's lair to rescue Bowser. He runs over a distracted Link with his motorcycle, and then quickly takes off with a liberated Bowser and company, fleeing as suddenly as he came in.

Back in New Pork City, Zelda reverts to her normal appearance, and reveals what she had seen in her vison earlier: Bowser willingly go into custody to protect Pit of the Brawl Spectator Society, who was unaware that he would have been killed by Ganondorf and his teammates. Worried about the Koopa King's fate, Zelda, Wario, Snake, and Lizardon all came together to rescue him. After the details were explained, Wario sternly reminded his close friend what happened when the Koopa King got pigheaded, mentioning that he was worried sick when he found out what happened. With the mission a success, Wario observes Bowser running off to Jungle Japes to help out his team.

Later, Wario can briefly be seen laughing at Donkey Kong's embarrassing defeat at Bowser's hands during a BS Society replay shown by Falco. Near the end of the episode, Wario supposedly told Peach where Bowser was sulking offscreen, after Liz's directions failed to be useful. 

Out Of His Shell Edit

After Bowser takes to his home after a tiring day, Wario once again wakes up the Koopa King in order to let him in on an idea of his to woo Samus. He explains to Bowser that his plan involves his friend to dressing up as a girl in order to make the bounty hunter jealous, until the "casanova" comes back into her life. Although Bowser refuses at first, he eventually decides to go with the plan on condition that Wario dresses up like a Pikachu, and only respond with the words "Pika Pika".

It's Just A Title Edit

After a short absence in the series, Wario is discovered unconscious by Meta Knight in Delfino Plaza, having been knocked out by Samus once again. After recovering, Wario pointed Meta Knight in the direction she went in, the timid swordsman having lost her in an attempt to shadow her. Before he can leave however, Wario grabs him and demands to know why Meta Knight was stalking his love interest in a similar way that he also does. Suspicious, the fat man incorrectly accuses Meta Knight of deceiving him so the swordsman could have Samus all to himself. After a wacky threat of breaking Meta Knight in half, swallowing one half, and leaving the other one stuck on his "trophy collection", Meta Knight insists that he won't try anything. Still distrustful, Wario decides to joins the swordsman on his mission. He then takes off on his motorcycle, with a baffled Meta Knight following.

Eventually, the two acquaintances make it to the upper area of Shadow Moses Island, where Snake and Samus are discussing their plans for locating Bowser. As he listens in, Wario remembers that Samus was always going around the world as if she was looking for someone, although he never gave it any thought until now. He also incorrectly assumes that Snake has romantic feelings for Samus as well, believing that he has competition. But before Wario and Meta Knight could do anything else, Wolf O'Donell appears and exposes them as spies to Samus and Snake, much to their (especially the former's) disgust.

Although Meta Knight begins to freak out over being caught, Wario remains sly and confident, with no intention of leaving now that he knows his best friend is involved with something important. Now interested in the fat man, Wolf introduces himself to Wario, and expresses interest in sharing a drink with him and possibly corrupting the good will he has. A cocky Wario chortles, and compares Wolf to a puppy on a leash. Wolf growls and tells Wario that he could only imagine. Just as the canine is about to slash the fat man to bits however, Mario intervenes and throws Wolf out of the way. While Snake studies the Italian plumber, Mario reassures his obese counterpart that he's on his side. Wario excitedly states how awesome that is, and also evens things out for him and Meta Knight. But before they can make a single move, the trio of mercenaries disappear under the cover of smoke bombs, leaving Wario, Meta Knight, and Mario alone on Shadow Moses Island.

Psycho, By the Sonics Edit

Continuing from the previous episode, Mario recognizes Meta Knight as a member of Team Bowser, and demands that the timid swordsman show where the Koopa King lives. This piques Wario's interest, who asks Mario if he's a friend of Bowser's. The red Italian plumber claims that he is, saying that he recently met Ganondorf, who is plotting to take Bowser to his lair. Wondering why everyone wants to mess with his buddy, Wario gladly decides to show the way to a grateful Mario. Before the two plumbers can leave however, Meta Knight switches personalities and attacks Mario, startling and annoying Mario. Meta Knight then points out to Wario that Mario couldn't possibly be a friend of Bowser's if he doesn't know where he resides. The small swordsman advises Wario to get to Hotel Bowser as fast as he can, while he holds off Mario. An angered Wario growls that he can't trust anybody anymore before hopping on his motorcycle and roaring off.

During Sonic and Captain Falcon's race, Wario can be seen meeting up with Zelda and Peach at Yoshi's Island, who are also going to Hotel Bowser to help him. The three companions then head on to their destination.

Darkness Ascending Edit

Wario and the two princesses finally make it to Hotel Bowser, where they witness a mind-enslaved Giga Bowser attack Fox and Lizardon under Ganondorf's command. Upon seeing his transformed and brainwashed ally, Wario can merely say Bowser's name in horror as the King of Thieves orders his new monster to devour his friends. Wario and Peach both attempt to communicate with Giga Bowser as he advances towards them menacingly, but Ganondorf's control over him is absolute. However, with Peach's plan to use her Star Rod to help revert Bowser to normal, a determined Wario agrees to help her by keeping Bowser distracted along with Sheik, Fox, Lizardon, and now Mewtwo, who decides to assist the group as opposed to destroying Bowser. Although the fat man was somewhat reluctant on attacking his long-time friend, Wario's confidence in Peach motivates him to hop onto his motorcycle and wheelie into Giga Bowser with help from Fox's Landmaster. This destroys his motorcycle, but gives Bowser a target to chase as Sheik and the Landmaster follow behind him.

With additional help from Ike, Meta Knight, Mario, and entire the Brawl Spectator Society, Wario and his friends are able to subdue Giga Bowser, who begins speaking and thinking again. Realizing that Peach's beam is working, Wario begins shouting at Bowser to wake up, hoping to free him from Ganon's influence once more. Unfortunately, while Peach's spell was able to help Bowser, a portion of Ganon's magic was still left within him, leaving Bowser to witness a series of illusions in his own mind cast by a dark counterpart of himself.

Ganon's Class Reunion Edit

In the first of these many illusions, a dark counterpart of Wario is seen visiting Ivysaur at his shop in New Pork City, hoping to buy something that will help him catch Samus. Although Ivysaur offers various products that would seem helpful to him, Wario is suddenly aware of a strong tremor vibrating through the city, which suddenly transforms into a hellish version of itself. Out of nowhere, a dark Giga Bowser appears, and begins to annihilate all of the residents of Brawl with help from several Dark Bowsers. Expecting to be killed as well, Wario stands his ground, but is ignored by Giga Bowser as he drops down to a transformed Onett and devours the rest of Brawl's residents including the B.S Society. Turning around, the dark monster confronts an observant Wario, who mocks him for being unable to kill him. Upon the fat man asking Giga Bowser if he remembers him, Peach's beam takes affect and sends Bowser to other places in his mind.

Later on, Wario is seen in the dark ball illusion, where he chuckles at seeing Diddy and Donkey Kong dressed in formal clothes. He then looks to Samus to accompany him for a dance, but changes his mind when he notices that she still has her Paralyzer in her hands.

Back in the real world, Wario watches Mario and President Dedede battle against Ganondorf, remarking that the former was pretty good at fighting. The fat man also witnesses Ganondorf's transformation into Ganon for the first time, among the many Smashers who came to help Bowser. As the B.S Society, Mario, Ike, Meta Knight, and Mewtwo fight against Ganondorf, Wario stands guard with Lizardon, Pit, and Sheik, so as that Bowser is not harmed by the King of Thieves and his minions. When the Koopa King finally awakens, Wario watches him deliver a rather one-sided smackdown against Ganondorf among the other trophies who had come to help Bowser.

Castaway Edit

Wario is among the many Smashers who watches Bowser and Mario long-awaited and ruthless battle against one another. Before anyone can gain the upper hand however, Samus and her team intervene and attempts to take Bowser away. After Sonic comes in and temporarily rescues Bowser from the bounty hunter, Wario comes to the aid of his old friend with maximum tomatoes while Peach battles Wolf. As this happens, Wario joins Lizardon and Meta Knight in encouraging Bowser to fight back. Samus tells the group to stay out of their affairs, telling them that the current situation is none of their business. In response, Wario retorts to his love interest that it has everything to do with them, while also defending Bowser against Snake's seemingly outrageous claims. Wario then listens as Zelda explains why Bowser is needed to be delievered to the Creator, and why she defected from the group that would bring him to their god. Afterwards, the fat man and co. are subdued by Wolf's smoke bombs as Samus successfully shoots Bowser with her Plasma Gun, but still resist against Snake's team. They then witness Bowser transform into Ascent Giga Bowser.

Louder Than a Bowser Bomb Edit

After witnessing the events of the last episode, an awestruck Wario begins to wildly imagine what could happen in "future installments" now that Bowser has become an almost godlike creature, which includes the Koopa King throwing Dedede out of power and ruling supreme over the world. The fat man then worries that smaller smashers such has himself will be forgotten, and will have to prove their worth by offering huge sums of money as Bowser finds a suitable wench to bear his children. However, Wario refuses to accept this idea, despite how low he may be. He then proclaims himself the "yellow medal", and snaps back to reality, where everyone is unamused at his ramblings. He then accuses Bowser of laughing on the inside, despite the tense situation.

However, Bowser says to his old friend that although the fat man often drove him up the wall, he would prefer to have Wario, than have the power he has now. Confused, Wario wonders why Bowser doesn't just track down Ganondorf with the power he has and put an end to the mess that he's in. Bowser states that although Wario is correct, he would embed that part of him into himself, and that he would not be able to stay with his fellow smashers anymore. Wario then listens to Bowser ramble about how he would considering joining up with Ganondorf in order to give the Creator a piece of his mind, due to how unfair Bowser's destiny was. However, once Samus suggests Bowser come willingly to the creator to spare his friends, Wario angrily punches his love interest, reaffirming his stance that he would be the judge of that, and no one else. When a fascinated Bowser questions why Wario would do this, the fat man proudly that he would always put his friends before his romantic interests.

After Snake and his group decides to fall back and leave the scene, Wario makes it clear to Samus that the two would soon confront each other in order to iron out a few problems, making it clear that he no longer has a one-sided crush on her, and appears to have lost most of his respect for the bounty hunter. Before the fat man and co. could leave however, Bowser releases a large amount of the Creator's power from his body, where it is spread out into every single smasher in Brawl, including Wario.

The next day, Wario comes to visit Bowser at the BS Society's headquarters, along with Lizardon, Charizard, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, and Squirtle. After Charizard and Pikachu finish talking with Bowser, Wario tells his old friend that he and Lizardon are taking good care of Hotel Bowser until the Koopa King comes back. He then reveals in a flashback that before they got there, a group of Yoshis had invaded and taken over the place. Liz and Wario were able to successfully drive them out of Hotel Bowser, but not without the latter using a large Wario Waft in the process. This leads to Liz angrily beating up Wario while he apologizes profusely. Although Wario was worried about what his friend would think of "letting out a big one" in his house again, Bowser reassured him that he was okay with it since Lizardon had beaten the fat man up for him. Laughing, Wario promises his friend that he will keep Hotel Bowser safe while he's gone.

After listening to Squirtle's story of how Bowser could potentially break out of jail, Wario reassures the young smasher that Bowser would soon be free, and implicitly encourages Bowser to convince Squirtle of this. After Bowser does so, Wario starts to leave with the other visitors, but stops and tells Liz that she has to go as well. However, Liz uses her limited English vocabulary to tell Wario that she wants to continue learning the language. Wario respects the decision and leaves with Fox.

Memory Lane Galaxy Edit

Although Wario himself did not appear in Memory Lane Galaxy, he does appear in a flashback to Episode 15, and is briefly brought up by Wolf during the conversation with his team.

Phantom of the Smash Edit

During the credits of this episode, Wario can be seen greeting Bowser heartily at Hotel Bowser, and reacting with shock when Lucario appears alongside him. He is then seen jumping up and down, but it is unknown what he is saying in the current moment. Later, he is shown moving some of Bowser's possessions out of Hotel Bowser alongside Lucario, seemingly leaving the place forever.

Personality and Characteristics: Edit

Unlike most incarnations of the character in his series, Wario is portrayed as an eccentric and tenacious, yet kind smasher, who is infamous for unfaltering and constant pursuit of his romantic interest Samus Aran. Despite her blatant dislike of him, Wario is always scheming to find a way to woo Samus, which occasionally motivates him to convince others to help him do so (i.e: Bowser and President Dedede). These daft schemes often end in failure, and have Wario getting beaten up by Samus.

Although Wario is considered by most to be somewhat of an unconventional character by nearly everyone he meets, Wario is also shown to be very humble and kind individual

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