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Smash king profiles bowser by tigura-d34h4k1-2-

Bowser, the main character

Voiced By Tigura21
First Appearence

File one: Start (Raccanto)

Episode 1: The Mission To Recruit Princess Peach (Main Series)

Bowser Koopa is the main protagonist of the series, Smash King and Smash King Racconto. He is an animated trophy born in the World of Super Smash Brothers Melee. Mewtwo trained him to fight in Melee and taught him of Ascent Mode before Bowser apparently betrayed him. Now, he lives in the world of Brawl. His tournament team, Team Bowser, is composed of him, Peach and Meta Knight.



The Melee Days (Smash King Racconto)Edit

File One: StartEdit

The same the classic chronicle: Bowser had come for Peach... but, this one is different. He is stopped by Luigi, at Mario's command. Unlike the previous games, this time Bowser has very sensitive feelings. He was Star-KO'd by Luigi (using Fire Jump Punch), which sent him back to his home (Dream Land). Bowser's friend, Pichu, told him to go to a certain battle between Fox and Mewtwo. He witnessed Mewtwo defeating Fox. Afterwards, Bowser asked Mewtwo to train him and defeated Falco under Mewtwo's instructions. 

File Two: Resolve

It starts off where file one left off.  Bowser asked Mewtwo to be his mentor.  Mewtwo asks him why, and (at first) Bowser claims that he wants to defeat Mario once and for all.  But Mewtwo is not impressed by Bowser's "classic banter" about defeating Mario.  Bowser finally says that he has "something to prove, and that he is willing to burn his entire life stock for it."  Falco suddenly jumps on stage and yells at Fox for losing to Mewtwo, who was the worst smasher in the world of melee.  He then taunts Bowser about his fighting skills, prompting Mewtwo to set up a battle between Bowser and Falco.  Pichu comes to encourage Bowser.  Bowser finally musters up the courage to go and fight Falco.  Mewtwo uses his telepathic ability to command Bowser to do his moves, causing Bowser to win in seconds.  Mewtwo leaves, and tells Bowser to follow him.  At final destination, Mewtwo warns Bowser that if he trains with him he will never let him go.  Bowser then says that he could be a puppet for Mewtwo for all he cares if he could be respected and not teased for his fighting ability.  But when Mewtwo attacks him as training, Bowser wonders what he got himself into.



Bowser is a rather slow character gameplay-wise but makes up with it for Heavy hitting attacks. His running speed is under average but is faster that other heavies like Ganondorf, King Dedede and Donkey Kong. He is a Powerhouse character who is a close combat character but it more useful for countering characters who run up to him or to close in to attack then back off. His jumping height isn't really that good either but his up special is good for travelling along a stage.


Bowser's normal moves are a lot more useful in most situations than his special moves. His ground moves are swipes in all directions they are his fastest moves but are probably his weakest moves too. Bowser's running attack isn't that good because he can miss easily and is hard to follow up with in time. His forward charge attack is very useful, for it causes a great knockback and deals over 20% damage. His up charge is also useful for knocking a character up into the air and to keep a landing character in the air too. Bowser's down charge is a multiple hitting attack which deals decent knockback. It is probably the most useful if a opponent is attacking from behind, other than that, it probably isn't that useful compared to the other two charge moves. His neutral ariel attack it similar to his down charge and his up special. It seems to have invincibility to normal attacks, which is why it is useful when jumping towards and opponent. His forward ariel is similar to his forward charge, it is a strike with decent damage thich causes a good knockback. What Bowser lacks in a meteor smash he makes up for it with an amazing up ariel. It is a large damaging move that moves bowser slightly upward then he unleashed a swipe with his claws. It has a HUGE knockback that can easily knockout a weak opponent. one of the easiest ways to set it up it to use it after an up charge attack. His down ariel also seems to be invincilbe to normal strikes but if you land during the move you will be very vulnerable to a beating.


Bowser's Specials are mainly suited for closing in safely on an opponent. His Neutral special is a flamethrower that can be moved up and down. It can be used well for keeping someone off an edge or to close in on a person be using it after a forward jump, on the fall. His side Special is a throw which is similar to his 'Dry Hump' down throw except he jumps into the air. It can be used as a cheap tactic if your opponent is on their last stock and your not, you use this move to kill you both, resulting in Bowser winning. His up special is reminiscant of his down Charge and his neutral ariel, spins around in his shell multiple times. The damage isn't great but you can go a decent space left or right in this move. His down special is like Yoshi's. He jumps forward in the air and then slams down, in the air he slams down on the place he is above i stead of jumping forward first. It is a very risky move, using it carelessly will end up with you killing yourself and if you miss with it. you will get bashed by your opponent.

Final SmashEdit

Bowser's final smash is his form Giga Bowser. in this mode, his moves' power are all amplified and cover a larger distance, he is invulnerable and his Charge attacks have special properties. His forward charge is the same but makes an explosion, causing far more knockback. His up charge causes a shock which makes even more damage to the already powerful move. Giga Bowser's down charge becomes an extremely useful move, it covers most of the screen and has an ice effect, freezing the unlucky opponent. The biggest downside of Giga Bowser is that it doesn't last very long, so you have to act quick to get a few knockouts.

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